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Balego™ Pain Relieving 4% Lidocaine Patches

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The new Balego Pain Relief Patch has set an industry standard in delivering targeted pain relief to the sight of your patient’s pain. Infused with 4% lidocaine, the LidoFlex boasts the highest concentration of lidocaine available without a prescription.

For your patient’s comfort and convenience, the Balego’s self-adhesive patch design comes precut into a variety of extremity specific shapes and sizes that are designed to fit flush against their skin. This, combined with a waterproof adhesive, will allow the patch to stay in place long enough to provide 8 to 12 hours of targeted pain relief.

The best part about all of this is that the Balego pain relief patches can only be sold through Healthcare Professionals like you.

– 80% of chiropractors use some form of topical analgesics as part of their patient regiment.

– The average chiropractor sees approximately 380 patients per month.

With this in mind, if only half of your patient population purchased a one month supply of LidoFlex
pain relief patches, your sales potential could exceed $25,000 per month. So make LidoFlex a part
of your Chiropractic Regimen.