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Balego® Sport Snap High Performance Electrodes

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Specifically engineered connect snap: Compatible with all Compex brand units including Edge,Performance, Elite, and Wireless USA.

Fully Automated Manufacturing Process: Significant cost savings compared to Compex brand electrodes. Medical-Grade Blue Spunlace Ultimate flexibility and conformability to body contours during therapy.

Made in U.S.A. Superior performance and unmatched Quality. Strip of ultra-conductive, medical grade film on bottom of snap: Further improves conductivity, while lowering impedance for optimum performance.

Layer of highly conductive 99.999% pure silver on carbon film: Proven efficient dispersion of electrical current over the entire surface of the electrode.

35-mil thick, dual layer Hydrogel adhesive: Maximum reusability throughout the life of the electrode. Tamper-evident bag: Assurance that the product has not been altered.