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Hivamat Deep Oscillation Therapy

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With its unique mechanical effects for reducing pain and edema, Hivamat Deep Oscillation Therapy means an earlier return to sports activity and daily living. During Deep Oscillaiton Therapy, manual therapy techniques are assisted via the gentle, non-invasive oscillations within the soft tissues from the Hivamat 200 Portable or Hivamat 200 Evident, broadening the therapeutic effect.

Hivamat is available exclusively through Richmar
Two different units are available to meet the varying functionality and price points your customers demand
HIVAMAT 200 Evident: The clinical unit that allows protocol adjustment, saved patient protocols, and anatomical library on a full-color display
HIVAMAT 200 Portable: The easily mobile unit that is used for specific treatments based on market-specific protocol cards; where adjustments and saving protocols are not needed