Usage and Customization September 24, 2018

The Clearly Adjustable heel lift is intended for use in closed-heel shoes under the insole or footbed, as you will be most comfortable if both feet rest on the original insoles or heel padding. The Clearly Adjustable Heel Lift is available in three sizes and can be trimmed to fit most shoes.

While Clearly Adjustable lifts can be moved from one pair of shoes to another, they are best permanently left in place in one pair of shoes, to allow them to conform to the shape of the shoe.

If you ever wish to clean the Clearly Adjustable lift, for example to remove foot powder that adheres to it, simply wash it in water and a mild detergent and dry. You may separate the layers to wash it if you wish, and re-stack them after drying. This will refresh the self-stick quality that makes the layers adhere to each other.

Placing the Lift

To insert the heel lift in shoes that have a removable molded footbed such as running shoes, pick up the back of the footbed and place the lift under the insole or footbed in the rear of the shoe with the smooth side up.

For shoes of more traditional construction, where a leather insole is glued in place, you must first lift the heel pad portion of the insole; lift the rear of the insole slowly to pull it up from the glue without damage, then place the lift in the shoe under the insole and replace the insole on top of it. You may wish to have a shoe repairman place the lift in your shoes if you cannot easily lift the heel pad.

The lift is designed to stay in place in the heel pocket of your shoe, and will remain there in low-heeled shoes. It will not usually require adhesives to remain in place.

If you do need adhesives to hold the lift from moving, as in shoes with a high heel, do not use carpet tape or contact cement, as they may cause the plastic to soften and degrade.

Adjusting Height

The Clearly Adjustable lift is supplied ready to use for 12 millimeters of elevation, or it may be set to a lower height; just remove as many layers as needed from the top. For example, for 9mm height, remove the three longest (top) layers.

To retain the length of the lift at 6mm or less, remove every other layer, rather than all layers from the top. This will also create a second heel lift, for free.

If you find that you need more height, replace a layer on the top and it will adhere again.

We suggest that new users of heel lifts gradually increase the height from 3mm up to the desired height by adding 3 layers each two weeks, to allow the user to become accustomed to the change.

Note that effective heel lift height is best measured at the point where the calcaneus, or “heel-bone” rests. This is at the widest part of the curve at the back of the lift. Each layer of the material is 1mm thick.

You can easily determine the effective height of a Clearly Adjustable lift by counting the layers from the front end to the center of your heel. The total number of layers in the lift will be two more than its effective height.

Customizing the Lift

The lift can be customized for shoe fit or other needs – just trim with scissors. If you need to trim several layers, a razor knife can be used, or you can separate layers for cutting and then re-stack them.

Pressure Point Relief

To relieve pressure on heel spurs, plantar warts or other sensitive areas of the heel, cut a hole in one or more of the upper layers of the lift directly under the point of painful pressure. The insole of the shoe will indent into this low spot as you walk, relieving pressure on the problem area above it.