Revolutionary Design: The OptimA is a low profile, buffered iontophoresis electrode designed to maximize drug delivery and speed patient recovery. It uses state of the art technology to optimize the capabilities of a buffered iontophoresis system.

Uniform Distribution: Most buffered iontophoresis electrodes use granular buffers that leave non-conducting air pockets when hydrated, resulting in uneven current distribution. OptimA uses a Viscosity Enhancing Agent to distribute current more uniformly and deliver drug evenly.

33% Higher Drug Delivery: Most buffered iontophoresis electrodes function at a sub-optimal pH, resulting in sub-optimal drug delivery. OptimA uses a pH defining agent to adjust the drug pH to its ideal target.

Additional Information:

Other buffered electrodes use granular buffers, leaving non-conducting air pockets that result in uneven distribution.
OptimA has a Viscosity Enhancing Agent that provides uniform current distribution & drug delivery.
Other buffered electrodes provide a sub-optional pH, resulting less drug delivery to the target area.
OptimA features a pH Defining Agent that adjusts pH to the idea target, resulting in 33% more drug delivery.
Compare to PerformaVE

Electrode Small Medium Large
Active Area 8.8cm2 11.1cm2 18.0cm2
Approx. Fill Volume 1.5cc 2.0cc 3.0cc
Maximum Current 4.0 mA 4.0 mA 4.0 mA
Maximum Dosage 80 mA-min 80 mA-min 80 mA-min
Skin Interface Fiber Matrix Fiber Matrix Fiber Matrix
Conductive Element Carbon Carbon Carbon
Packaging 12 Kits/Carton 12 Kits/Carton 12 Kits/Carton