IontoPatch™ is an extended time-released electronic transdermal drug delivery system. An innovative, self-contained battery produces an electric current to carry drug molecules non-invasively across the skin and to underlying tissue. Drug delivery is shut off automatically when the prescribed dosage has been administered. The IontoPatch is single-use and disposable.

The IontoPatch is prepared by the clinician and applied to the patient in the clinic. The IontoPatch is an iontophoretic device and is eligible for billing using the existing iontophoretic code. Since there are no external batteries or wires, patients are able to return to their daily activities while receiving time-released iontophoresis.

IontoPatch has 3 evidence based studies and is 510K FDA approved as an alternative to injection to be used with soluble salts.  A common choice is Dexamethasone.  Data and Research: Data & Research — IontoPatch
The soluble salts polarity needs to be placed on the appropriate side that matches its polarity.  For example- Dexamethasone has negative polarity and therefor needs to be applied to the patch on the negative side.  The saline will be placed on the side opposite side.
Please make sure that the patch is flush with the skin and that there are no ridges.  The patch will work automatically without you needing to do anything other than apply the soluble salt, the saline and apply to the skin.
Common Uses: Common Uses — IontoPatch
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How to apply: How to Apply IontoPatch™ [Video]
Frequently Asked Questions: IontoPatch™ Frequently Asked Questions
IontoPatch may be submitted for reimbursement using CPT code 97033. Please check with your payor for proper documentation needed for reimbursement consideration.