Ionto4 iontophoresis electrodes come in four sizes, providing an assortment of options for drug capacity and placement options. The mix of silver/silver chloride (Ag/AgCl) used in Ionto4 guards against polarity shifts during iontophoresis, helping to maintain consistent and efficient drug delivery throughout the treatment.

Ionto4 iontophoresis electrodes feature a large adhesive area to ensure placement is maintained throughout the treatment

Ionto4 use a proprietary silver-silver chloride conducting element to improve drug delivery compared to carbon-based iontophoresis electrodes

Buffered return electrode provides pH stabilization to prevent the effects of hydrolysis; provide better adherence to the skin; and maximize current distribution for better patient comfort

Water activation is not needed— eliminating impurities being added from water contamination

Ionto4 iontophoresis electrodes are made in USA.