Balego® TENS Unit & 40 (10 packs of 4) Balego® 2″ square Electrodes Bundle

Balego® 820 Unit FDA Approved for Over the Counter use:

  • Dual Channel, 5 modes
  • Timer
  • Patient Compliance Meter
  • New Stronger 100mA output
  • Safety amplitude cover
  • Sturdy metal belt clip
  • Rubber side railings for maximum handling
  • premium silver finish.
  • A premium silver finish (Made in China).

Balego® 2 x 2 square MADE in the USA Electrodes:

  • Long lasting .040 inch thick hydrogel – Superior conformability to body contours.
  • Quick, moderately aggressive tac – Firm, yet gentle electrode to skin contact for multiple applications.
  • High re-wettability/dryout resistance – Effective in high heat and humidity.
  • Highly conductive carbon film – Even current distribution.
  • Spun lace top coat – Flexible and conformable to a variety of application sites.
  • Soft molded socket connector – Provides superior connection to the lead wire. Only one available in the market.
  • Highly conductive pigtail wire strands – Flexible and durable for multiple uses.
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A. with American Made raw materials.


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We have bundled our Balego® 820 TENS unit with 40 of our our Balego® 2″ square electrodes (10 4-packs) for just $59.99! These made-in-the-USA products can help you get started with addressing your clients’/patients’ pain needs quickly.