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Free Up Unscented Massage Cream (8 oz)

Formulated exclusively for the healthcare professional, Free-Up® Massage Cream is noted for its glide, lubricity and tissue perception.

  • Superb tissue perception. Work either surface or deep tissue.
  • Great Glide. Exquisite tissue sense to fingers and hands.
  • Excellent lubricity. Unlike oily or slick surfaces, Free-Up does not inhibit deep tissue perception and discrimination.
  • Cost effective. Slow absorption rate means a little goes a long way.
  • Not available over the counter.
  • Safe quality formulation. Bacteriostatic. Hype-allergenic. Does not contain beeswax.
  • Won’t ball up or dry out the skin.


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Rub a little Free-Up® between your fingers and you’ll know why therapists use words like “exceptional, fantastic, and, powerfully effective” to describe it. Free-Up® massage cream softens and moisturizes the skin while providing superior control without drag or tackiness. Noted for its excellent coverage and workability, it provides the proper feel for massage and soft tissue work, while maintaining its lubricity.

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