HydraHeat Hot Pack Oversize Hot Pack 17” x 13” (43 x 33 cm)

Use HydraHeat Hot Packs to deliver heat therapy at safer temperatures.

HydraHeat Packs don’t have a porous outer layer like conventional moist heat therapy hot packs, so the high temperatures used to kill the bacteria that can develop inside a conventional hot pack isn’t needed when using HydraHeat. This allows heat therapy treatments at lower, safer temperatures, while still being within the therapeutic range.

  • HydraHeat Packs’ Polymer Skin is Bacteria Resistant and Easy to Wipe Clean, Lessening the Risk of Bacterial Attachment to the Hot Packs
  • HydraHeat Hot Packs Provide Therapeutic Heat Therapy within Optimal Temperature Range of 120° – 140° F
  • No Need to Cover HydraHeat Packs with Terry Covers — A Simple Towel or Pillow Case is the Only Barrier Needed between the Hot Pack and the Patient
  • Pliable — Each Hot Pack Can Contour to the Treatment Area for Optimal Placement
  • SureSeam Process Ensures the Integrity of Hot Packs is Maintained with No Bursting or Leaking
  • Compatible with All Types of Moist Heat Therapy Heating Units; but for Best Results — Use with HydraTherm Heating Unit to Ensure a Clean Heat Therapy System
  • HydraHeat Packs are Non-Latex, and are Covered by a 1 Year Warranty



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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 in



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