THERADOT™ Deep Oscillation Therapy Device

Deep Oscillation Therapy is a unique therapeutic treatment for rehab that is FDA-approved for muscle relaxation, increasing circulation, and pain relief, which are important factors in restoring function and maintaining muscle mobility. Deep oscillation therapy is felt as a gentle vibration within the tissues, which relaxes the underlying muscles, making soft tissues more pliable for manipulations aimed at increasing range of motion.

The massaging effect created by the oscillations within the patient’s tissues work to open pathways and increase the flow of blood and lymph throughout the body. Once the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients is restored to muscles afflicted by adhesions from injury or microtrauma, the resulting pain is diminished, and mobility is increased.


• FDA Cleared

• Multi-Color Display with a Simple-to-Use Interface

• ONE Practice-Specific Protocol Card for Rehab, Athletic, Chiropractic Treatments

• Option to Administer Deep Oscillation Using Hands Through Vinyl Gloves

• Easily Transportable, Lightweight, Handheld Design

• Internal Rechargeable Battery

• Self-Treatment Kit Included

• Device Stand Included

• 3 Year Warranty