TheraTouch® CX4 Four-Channel Configuration (without Cart)

Compact four-channel configuration

The TheraTouch® CX2 and Theratouch® CX4 are advanced combination two and four channel electrotherapy and ultrasound systems. Both offer a wide range of treatment options in one user-friendly, ergonomic design. The CX4 offers four-channels for stimulation, while the CX2 is a more compact two-channel, portable device.

Equipped with full color, menu driven touch screens and a bilingual interface, the TheraTouch® CX2 and CX4 guide you step by step when setting up a treatment manually, or when selecting from predefined clinical protocols. The CX2 and CX4 include an anatomical library with electrode placement recommendations, to ensure treatment efficacy and clinic efficiency. The therapeutic ultrasound can also be combined with stimulation using the dedicated stim channel and any supplied waveform.

  • 1 MHz and 3 MHz therapeutic ultrasound

    • Pulsed and continuous operating modes

    • Ergonomically designed 5cm² sound head included with a maximum BNR ratio of 5:1

  • 4 channels of stimulation with the following waveforms

    • Interferential

    • Premodulated

    • Biphasic

      • Symmetrical

      • Asymmetrical

      • RAAS

    • NMS

    • Russian

    • High Volt

    • Microcurrent

  • Rapid Agonist Antagonist Sequencing (RAAS) is a unique stimulation waveform that replicates the typical firing pattern of normal muscle contractions, used to effectively re-educate weak and inhibited muscles following surgery, injury, or trauma

  • Eight preset clinical protocols for stimulation, with ability to customize parameters and save up to 99 user-defined protocols for future use

  • Bilingual interface selectable between English and Spanish

  • Three–year warranty


Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in