TheraTouch® LX2 Laser Light Unit w/ Cluster Applicator

The TheraTouch® LX2 is a Class IIIb “cold laser” therapy device, capable of delivering up to 35 joules/cm² per treatment. TheraTouch LX2 is the perfect product addition to offer tissue healing, in addition to reducing inflammation and pain. Selectable clinical protocols simplify setup of laser therapy treatments, making the LX2 a great entry into laser therapy; while the ability to adjust treatment parameters provides customizations for the laser therapy specialist.

  • Evidence-Based Clinical Protocols
    Developed with therapeutic researchers, the TheraTouch LX2 populates treatment parameters proven effective for the selected indication, including a Tissue Healing protocol.

  • Full-Color Touchscreen
    The menu-driven user interface guides treatment setup in a straightforward and logical flow, making the device easy to 
learn and simple to use.

  • Dosage Calculator Displays Joules, J/cm², and J/diode
    Display dosing measurements in your preferred unit of measure, or all simultaneously, with real time calculation to update each when 
adjusting treatment output.

  • Choice of Two Laser Applicators

    TheraTouch LX2 comes standard with a 9 diode cluster applicator, with an additional single diode applicator also available.
    Cluster Applicator

    – Four 650 nm wavelength LED diodes at 10 milliwatts each
    – Five 850 nm wavelength infrared laser diodes at 200 milliwatts each
    – Total power of 1040 milliwatts
    Single Diode Applicator

    – 650 nm wavelength infrared laser diode at 200 milliwatts of power

  • Optional Therapy Cart

    Transport the TheraTouch LX2 and accessories from room to room with ease.

  • Delivers up to 35 j/cm² of LLLT in a single treatment

  • Programmable treatment time up to 4 minutes

  • Continuous or pulsed output modes

  • 2 output channels

  • 10 predefined clinical protocols

  • Save up to 100 user-defined protocols

  • Available with optional therapy cart and/or single diode applicator






Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in